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Gregory J. Scott, Photography

Alpharetta, GA


I'm a photographer, though sometimes I experiment in other media. My mother was an artist, and on school holidays, when she had classes at the art museum, I got to spend entire days roaming the galleries of the Cincinnati Art Museum. My twin sister is an artist, and my father took up photography about the time I did, when I was in college. I'm also a former machine tool programmer, database analyst, and mathematics and physics teacher, and those things undoubtedly have impact on my perceptions as well, as do my Christian perspective and philosophy.

My favorite photographic subjects are hummingbirds, other birds in flight, and scenic beauty as seen in wilderness places, the national parks, and rural locations. As my physical health and financial resources dwindle, I will probably be returning to a more eclectic selection of urban subjects as well. I enjoy candid photography, but you won't find much here because of the need for model releases, which are inconvenient for me and my subjects.

I sell prints here on, and have an older website I don't maintain much, currently, at

You can contact me via an email using the button provided for that purpose on this page. I can do customized crops of prints, sell licenses to my images for specific uses, such as graphics for small businesses purposes, and produce custom limited edition signed prints in unusual media and print techniques. Feel free to contact me with any questions in regard to these interests. Here's an "encoded" address, which hopefully will cut down on spam: photo[a-in-a-circle-symbol]GregScott[period-symbol]com

Please leave comments on photos, I enjoy such comments very much. And if you buy an image, I particularly like to know what reason you had for choosing that particular image. Thank you for your attention, and I hope you enjoy my galleries.


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