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Still Packing

September 28th, 2012

I really ought to take some photos of this mess. Still packing, organizing. I'm not going to post again until I'm actually on the road!

Fall 2012 Packing up

September 27th, 2012

Well, I'm about to take my wife with me on an Autumn leaf peeping photography tour of New England. Today I need to complete repairs and maintenance on my trailer, and pack up kitchen gear and food, photography gear, computer gear, clothing, bedding, and other stuff. I doubt that we'll leave today, but hope to leave early tomorrow. The biggest unknown is that my son, drilling a hole in the trailer, hit an electrical wire. Twice. Once I saw, so I know right were to check the wire. The other time, he's not sure, and I wasn't there. So I have to check and possibly repair the wiring, and air and mount a tire, charge a battery, and caulk a patch we did on the wheel well, which are extremely flimsy on A-liner trailers. If you have a blowout, expect to repair the wheel well, also. Bah. (I love my A-liner camper trailer otherwise.)

I have an Manfrotto indexing spherical panoramic head I'm eager to try out on my panoramic photo sequences, and a 5D MK i that I've converted the sensor cover to IR, and a new 5D mk iii. So I will read manuals a lot on this trip. I also have a triggertrap sensor I may bring for triggering the camera by sound. Maybe I'll rig a night camera to photograph critters.

Photographic subjects I will concentrate on are mountain and river scenery, waterfalls, covered bridges, and local town and country architecture. I hope to do this very cheaply.

Burglars take note: My son is house sitting.